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I feel like i'm falling.

I'm trying hard not to pretend. x

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it's along post, dont bother reading it. even though arianna will. [18 Oct 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | uummn. happy. ]

( i stole this image from a coheed and cambria forum so whoever owns it i am heller sorry, k? kthx)

Okay. this concert was on friday. Fucking 4 days ago.
it's still playing over and over in my head.
I fucking love them so much.
so fucking good.

This is what happened.

- first we met up with melanie's daddy at the holiday inn to park our car. Then we jumped into patrick's car and headed out to alameda to pick up melanie at her school. I fucking freaked out cause i missed that girl so much. i seriously just jumped on her. i wish her alameda friends were there to see my LOVE for melanie duffey. Pshhhtttt. haha. k went back to melanie's house to fix eachother up. Make up and what not. Went out to Jack In The Box to eat before we headed out to san francisco cause we were really fucking hungry. omg and btw alameda is gorgeous. the prettiest victorian houses ever.

- head out to san francisco. got there reaaally early. there were only like 25 kids or so infront of us. bums kept walking up to us asking for change. you know that usual san fransico stuff. haha one was like. " I HATE MYSELF I HATE AMERICA I DONT HAVE A JOB FUCKING COHEED FUCK FUCK CAN I HAVE A QUATER?" and then he tripped and fell on the street. Man, it was so hard not laugh out loud. especially when i was just clinging to my dad cause i was scared as hell. melanie and me sat down on the sidewalk. she made up songs, cause it was such a "shin's moment"( yeah we're aware that makes no sense). called people to pass the 2 hours we had to wait. Haha melanie even set up her alarm on her phone so that we would know when it was 6:30 ( which was when the doors would open). it was actually pretty fun waiting in line. we took some pics on her camera phone i'll post them if she ever uploads.

- yes this actually happened to me. MY DAD ALMOST LOST THE FUCKING TICKETS CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? like we panicked for about 8 minutes. cause my dad had no idea where he put them. and then he turned around and found them on the FLOOR. arggghhhh. then the doors opened and me and melanie freaked out cause we were inside and it was crazy cause cluadio was INSIDE TOO!!! ahaha mannnn we are neerrddss. we went inside. i panicked again because my dad and i bought balcony tickets and melanie and her dad bought floor tickets. but it was okay because patrick just switched his ticket with me so me and melanie could go on the floor and the dads would go up on the balcony. so we went inside the theatre. it was craazzy cool. i was freaking out. my first concert, i am supposed to. alright? k.

- The first band that played was Me Without You. i liked them but i could not unerstand a thing that the lead singer was singing. he had lots of energy though. On stage it seemed like he was moshing by himself except it was kind of ballet like. graceful you know. The next band was Dredg. they were fucking suuhweet. i really enjoyed listening to them. i felt like jumping a bit too but noone else was so i just head banged. uuuhh then the fucking Blood Brothers played and MY GOD I AM NEVER GOING TO A BLOOD BROTHER'S SHOW AGAIN. it wasnt the music. it was the audiance. i had to old melanie's hand all the time cause i felt like i was gonna barf. and i didnt want to loose her. ( we were all the way in the front like RIGHT on the rail) my hair was getting caught in between people's shoulders. people were seriously just like pushing so hard. that lead singer guy was right infront of us. i like dreaded that so much. but melanie likes them and she got to touch him. so atleast she was happy. all these obnoxious scene kids fucking killed me. i expected that. but you know the coheed kids were so much nicer they actually apologized and shit.BTW blood brothers never once thanked the audiance for coming out and seeing them. another thing i didnt like.

- UUH AND THEN THE BLOOD BROTHERS STOPPED PLAYING THANK JESUS. anndd the scene kids left and the normal looking kids came in. It was a nice change. there was a boy infront of me who was really sweet because i apologized to him for fucking killing him when the BB were playing. and he was like, " oh it's okay, dont worry about it." we were all anticipating for coheed to come out. they seriously took soooo looonngg. claudio said "hello everyone" like backstage once. everyone went crazy. people were chanting "cooheed, coheed, coheed, coheed!" me and melanie made small talk and the guy infront of me whose name was tre would laugh at the things we said because we really are retarded. and we were totally freaking out. the coheed fans were so cool. OMG AND THEN THEY CAME OUT. like seriously i didnt even see him come out. but people went crazy. coheed played the violin intro and like "always and never" started playng. AND THE WHOLE AUDIANCE was singing along. EVERYONE. IT was so intense and amazing. and cluadio was so good. I think he even said " best audiance response" and "you guys are great." ahhh.

Here are some things i remember.

1. tre was really sweet and would let me hold his waist and make space for me on the rail whenever i said "melanie i think i'm loosing you."

2. claudio played his two in one guitar ( i seriously dont know the name of that thing) guitar with his fucking teeth.

3. people went crazy. there was a mosh pit behind me and i have two bruises to prove it. i'm also very proud of them actually. i hope they dont fade too soon.

4. the bodygaurds were litterly feeding the crowd water with waterbottles. it was amazing. "it was a little peice of heaven" as some guy said next to me. i waterfalled about 3 times.

5. it was uncomftrable. AND HOT. imagine 7 ft tall guys just like moshing next to you.( they also stinked ALOT.) but it was alright. cause i was moshing back.

6. a boy behind me kept telling me somthing but i didnt hear him i think he was apologizing for bumping into me and crap i think he said " it's not my fault. i'm really sorry." he was also very cute. i dont know if it was an accident when he touched my ass though.

7. i dont know. it was just amazing. i hope i can go to another show soon.

this is a long post.

here is a picture of my coheed shirt i bought at the concert. yes i have big boobs stfu. and slo my new hair.Collapse )

7 Read my head, alteast pretend.

HFJdsaf. [14 Jul 2005|04:37pm]
[ mood | asjhf. ]


oh and War of the Worlds, is fuckin' scary okay?

Tom cruise:Cant you see? We're under attack!
Boy:by who..terrorist? where did they come from?
Tom cruise: they're..not from here
Boy: What do you mean? like europe or somthing??

that was hilarious.
Too bad the boy didnt die.
He was such an idiot in the movie.

4 Read my head, alteast pretend.

[06 Jul 2005|04:41pm]
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Add me, i'll add you.

I kind of suck. NOT LITTERLY.
But yeah.

add me anyway.

i like the strokes..

the shins..

and ofcourse the libertines.

i aint no scenester.


k. bye now.

15 Read my head, alteast pretend.

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